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The human body is complex and multi-faceted, and everyone’s story is as unique as they are

Portland Integrative Fitness offers the most comprehensive, holistic and personalized approach to the rehab-to-performance model of fitness training available. Using our unique method, ReThryv, we take you from pain and dysfunction to empowered function, allowing you to participate in life in the ways that bring you joy. ReThryv optimizes your whole body, elevates your spirit, and unlocks vitality.

Gina Daley, owner of Portland Integrative Fitness

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Pain Relief

I have chronic pain or am rehabbing from an injury

Functional Fitness

I would like to optimize my performance in my favorite activites


I am 55+ and want to build strength and age confidently


I want to change my body composition and diets haven’t worked


I desire prenatal / postpartum training to prepare & recover my body


I would like to improve symptoms created by Multiple Sclerosis

Client Love

“Gina runs an exceptionally supportive and holistic gym, although I never refer to it as a ‘gym’, since I don’t encounter any of the uncomfortable dynamics many gyms create. I don’t feel the pressure to perform, to look great, to build muscle, but I do feel a warm environment where I can move my boundaries bit by bit. Gina and her associate Celeste offer personal fitness in the most personal sense of the word. Not only do they teach very precise and detailed exercises and techniques to strengthen my body, they also model a kind and compassionate approach to physical work that allows me to be gentle with myself, while still feeling I progress and build stability and strength. My 25-year old lower back issues have seldomly been this absent in my everyday life. Highly, highly recommended.”

– Thomas A.

“My wife looked at pictures of me 9 months ago and was shocked by how much healthier I am now. Gina and Celeste have helped me reach fitness goals I haven’t touched in over a decade. I no longer have back pain and don’t see the chiropractor anymore. Gina helped me switch my diet to eating more meals, more often, with more protein. I eat 25% less and still crush chicken sandwiches whenever the opportunity presents itself. I feel consistently positive about myself. This impacts my business, my relationships, and just waking up in the morning. I put in the effort, but Gina and Celeste guided me to a healthy physical state without risking injury in the process. All you have to do is show up. I show up 2x a week to reach success instead of how I used to feel: stuck.”

– Ben W.
“Portland Integrative Fitness is the best!! I have been going to her small group classes for the past few years, and it has transformed my view on fitness and my own perception of my abilities. I came in with a shoulder injury and needed someone who could help me reach my fitness goals while minding my shoulder pain. Gina and Celeste work with you to design programs that meet your goals, and their careful coaching and adjustments help to ensure you’re moving in the right way. They have customized workouts for me for mountain biking and skiing, and they’ve helped me improve in those activities a lot!”
– Carolyn C.