MS Disconnect / Reconnect

Paving New Roads

The purpose of our approach to improve physical symptoms created by Multiple Sclerosis is to reprogram the nervous system to use new neural pathways when sending signals back and forth between the brain and the body, and unlearning the less desirable habits.

This is done through personalized custom exercises that correspond to the goals and abilities of each individual, as well as their body’s unique compensations built up in response to the demyelination throughout their nervous system.

We progress clients through exercises focusing on neuromuscular connection, balance, stamina and endurance, dexterity, proprioception, and body-mapping. Our bodies want regularity and safety, and tend respond to new stimuli and instability by resorting to the same old patterns. But through regular practice of using new forms with a mindset of quality in every movement, repetitions of exercises pave new roads to use, and leave behind the pothole ridden ones.

Client Love

“I have been working with Portland Integrative Fitness for about a year. As someone who struggles with Multiple Sclerosis, finding them and working on their program curated for my MS has been life changing. Portland Integrative Fitness was able to isolate and identify which muscles were turned off, and through patient work, turn them on and strengthen them. They are very knowledgeable about various tactics to make my nervous system work in new ways to allow movement and strength. Portland Integrative Fitness integrates my personal goals into my program. When they heard I wanted to snowboard, they updated my workout to strengthen core muscles needed. Before working with them, I felt like my body was slowly shutting off. Now I am seeing my legs and abilities strengthen. Gina has built such a safe and kind place at Portland Integrative Fitness.”

– Malachi Constant

Don’t let Mutiple Sclerosis define you