Functional Fitness

How great can you feel?

The world is your playground! Let’s train specifically for the activities that bring you joy.

Whether your goal is to have a pain free work day, crush a weekend ride on the bike, or prep for a full ski season, our custom program will prepare your body to play fully and without pain. We know how important it is to continue participating in your favorite activities. Let’s keep you going.

Client Love

“Portland Integrative Fitness is not your typical gym, and that’s a good thing. They genuiely care about your health and well-being, and happily customize workouts that result in functional strength and mobility fit to your body. Gina & team have worked really hard to foster a wellness community, and their integrated exercise/physical therapy offerings are uniquely set up to make sure your body gets what it needs all the time. Portland Integrative Fitness has helped me stay strong and accountable throughout the pandemic, and has always been there to help me stay strong for whatever I need in that moment. Couldn’t recommend them more highly!”

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