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Client Love

“Gina runs an exceptionally supportive and holistic gym, although I never refer to it as a ‘gym’, since I don’t encounter any of the uncomfortable dynamics many gyms create. I don’t feel the pressure to perform, to look great, to build muscle, but I do feel a warm environment where I can move my boundaries bit by bit. Gina and her associate Celeste offer personal fitness in the most personal sense of the word. Not only do they teach very precise and detailed exercises and techniques to strengthen my body, they also model a kind and compassionate approach to physical work that allows me to be gentle with myself, while still feeling I progress and build stability and strength. My 25-year old lower back issues have seldomly been this absent in my everyday life. Highly, highly recommended.”

– Thomas A.

“My wife looked at pictures of me 9 months ago and was shocked by how much healthier I am now. Gina and Celeste have helped me reach fitness goals I haven’t touched in over a decade. I no longer have back pain and don’t see the chiropractor anymore. Gina helped me switch my diet to eating more meals, more often, with more protein. I eat 25% less and still crush chicken sandwiches whenever the opportunity presents itself. I feel consistently positive about myself. This impacts my business, my relationships, and just waking up in the morning. I put in the effort, but Gina and Celeste guided me to a healthy physical state without risking injury in the process. All you have to do is show up. I show up 2x a week to reach success instead of how I used to feel: stuck.”

– Ben W.

“Portland Integrative Fitness is the best!! I have been going to their small group classes for the past few years, and it has transformed my view on fitness and my own perception of my abilities. I came in with a shoulder injury and needed someone who could help me reach my fitness goals while minding my shoulder pain. Gina and Celeste work with you to design programs that meet your goals, and their careful coaching and adjustments help to ensure you’re moving in the right way. They have customized workouts for me for mountain biking and skiing, and they’ve helped me improve in those activities a lot!”

– Carolyn C.
“Gina and her team are simply amazing. Hands down the best trainers I’ve encountered in Portland. I have referred many patients and they not only come back with rave reviews, but the results speak for themselves. Their unique model of encompassing mind, body and emotion/spirit into the training equation yields unmatchable results. If you’re ready to create change, schedule with Gina and her team now – you won’t be disappointed.”
– Jessica B.
“Portland Integrative Fitness is not your typical gym, and that’s a good thing. They genuiely care about your health and well-being, and happily customize workouts that result in functional strength and mobility fit to your body. Gina & team have worked really hard to foster a wellness community, and their integrated exercise/physical therapy offerings are uniquely set up to make sure your body gets what it needs all the time. Portland Integrative Fitness has helped me stay strong and accountable throughout the pandemic, and has always been there to help me stay strong for whatever I need in that moment. Couldn’t recommend them more highly!”
– Tim W.

“I have been a member since 2018 and I have had various fitness goals throughout that time, from training for competitive sport to recovering from a car accident to recovering from giving birth. This gym and its trainers have been my partner every step of the way and are the single reason I’m the only one in my friend group of thirty-somethings that is pain free in all ranges of motion. When I first joined, I thought it was a lot of money. But now that I’ve been a member for 4+ years, I’ve realized that having a pain free life where I have a dedicated, knowledgeable team of personal trainers to help me stay that way regardless of what life throws my way is priceless.”

– Caroline C.

“I have been working with Portland Integrative Fitness for about a year. As someone who struggles with Multiple Sclerosis, finding them and working on their program curated for my MS has been life changing. Portland Integrative Fitness was able to isolate and identify which muscles were turned off, and through patient work, turn them on and strengthen them. They are very knowledgeable about various tactics to make my nervous system work in new ways to allow movement and strength. Portland Integrative Fitness integrates my personal goals into my program. When they heard I wanted to snowboard, they updated my workout to strengthen core muscles needed. Before working with them, I felt like my body was slowly shutting off. Now I am seeing my legs and abilities strengthen. Gina has built such a safe and kind place at Portland Integrative Fitness.”

– Malachi Constant

“I was pregnant when I first started taking classes with Gina and Celeste, and I would recommend them as an important part of any pregnancy plan. I was able to stay fit and strong during pregnancy all the way up to labor, and with each class, the general pain I was experiencing was eased (so long as I kept up with my exercise plan). The techniques they taught me also helped SO MUCH when it came time to give birth. My pelvic floor was strong, I was practiced in which muscles to use, and I was able to get through the birthing process without being too fatigued. They say “strong mama, strong baby”, and it’s weirdly true! My baby boy came out so strong right from the start. After birth, I experienced some muscle loss during my weeks of recovery. More recently, they’ve been helping me gain my strength back so I can be a strong mama again! Portland Integrative Fitness was 100% worth it.”

– Michelle M.

“I have been working with Gina at Portland Integrative Fitness for about 8 months. Making an investment in getting stronger has been at times challenging but really worth it. My physical pain has decreased as I’ve strengthened muscles I didn’t even know I had. Gina is very knowledgeable and has been supportive in times of mental and physical stress. She makes a lot of adjustments for me when my body acts up. I have worked with Celeste also and they are always kind and patient, which I really appreciate. I love the zoom options because I have a high stress job and work a lot of hours. Being able to utilize virtual sessions allows me to stay committed to regular workouts. Thanks guys!!! I appreciate you both!”

– Shauna T.
“I’ve been working with Gina and Colin for the last two years and have been so impressed with their level of care and instruction! For the first time in almost a decade, I have been able to exercise consistently without injury. They are approachable, friendly and take care to provide a fun and safe environment.”
– Arielle W.

“Portland Integrative Fitness changed my life! I had the body of a typical desk worker. Hunched over, sitting down all day, sort of troll doll posture. I had back pain, knee pain, and neck pain on the regular. I started working with the amazing people and Root and Branch and they’ve gotten me completely out of pain! I can walk, stand, sit, run, move, lift and carry better at 38 than I could at 28!

– Zac C.

“Gina and crew have changed my life, from someone who thought miles of daily walking was all I needed into someone who now values strength training, along with the walking! As a retired woman who never really “worked out” I am amazed at what I can do now. Gina’s encouragement along with ever changing strength training routines keep me going and it’s a wonderful feeling!!”
– Dana W.

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