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Our method works because you do. There are no shortcuts. You can expect results when committing to consistency. Discipline brings you to motivation’s doorstep.

None of this is new information, but it is the first time it has been brought together in this specific way, combining real life evidence with the most up-to-date scientific data to serve the Whole Human, and honor the interconnectedness of all the Human Systems.

1 Foundation

This phase is essential, and where most folks will start, even with fitness experience. We address movement asymmetries and create new neural pathways in this phase. Hello deep core work!

2 Resilience

Phase 2 will invite you into new zones of discomfort to build adaptations that will provide heightened levels of physical, mental and emotional resilience. Get ready to sweat.

3 Performance

This is where you move into not only maintaining your new quality of life, but getting to play with your new abilities and tools developed in the previous phases. Ski season? All weekend gardening session? Soccer with the grandkids? Let’s train for it!


This includes the mechanics of unconscious and conscious movement, and how we perform intentional exercise, and move throughout the activities in our lives. We address not only the quality of movement, but the frequency and variety in ways that are sustainable.

Gut Function

The Gut Microbiome is a determining factor in everything from mental health, nervous system regulation, metabolic function, sleep, and emotional experience. Gut balance is upstream of nutritional intake, and needs to be balanced to reach aesthetic goals effectively and sustainably.


Sleep hygiene is essential for recovery and health of all the systems in the body. This needs to be a priority when striving for fitness or aesthetic goals to protect the client from pulling further from the adrenal system.


Lifestyle coaching includes: establishing healthy boundaries, identifying rejuvenating activities, identifying areas of stress, supporting strong community relationships, and defining personal Whys and Purpose.

Food Relationships

Many suffer from unhealthy relationships to food due to learned coping mechanisms and childhood wounding. We offer gentle guidance into a more intuitive eating approach while exploring root causes for imbalanced eating behaviors. Referrals will be offered if in acute stages of disordered eating, or if more mental health support is required.


Mindset is controlled by unconscious and conscious patterning and is something that can be changed. We can support clients in becoming more diversified and resilient in their mindsets to open new ways of being and identifying.

By successfully completing the method, you have the potential to truly transform your quality of life.

From relieving pain, to truly loving your body and reclaiming agency over your choices and stories, you have the power to reclaim your joy.

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