Welcome to The Studio

We offer a warm and inviting gym space for ALL bodies to move in.

After recognizing the negative impacts of diet culture in the mainstream fitness industry, we intentionally created a safe space for all people, not just fitness fanatics, to come exercise.

By focusing on your abilities and potential instead of body shaming, we empower you to truly love your body, in mind and action.

Client Love

“Gina runs an exceptionally supportive and holistic gym, although I never refer to it as a ‘gym’, since I don’t encounter any of the uncomfortable dynamics many gyms create. I don’t feel the pressure to perform, to look great, to build muscle, but I do feel a warm environment where I can move my boundaries bit by bit.”

“Gina and her associate Celeste offer personal fitness in the most personal sense of the word. Not only do they teach very precise and detailed exercises and techniques to strenghten my body, they also model a kind and compassionate approach to physical work that allows me to be gentle with myself, while still feeling I progress and build stability and strength. Highly, highly recommended.”

We can’t wait to see you