Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

We are complex beings, with complex systems. Quick fixes don't exist, but sustainable lifestyle changes do.

We look at the pillars of health and address the root causes of imbalances.

Imbalances can be in the gut, your sleep habits, lifestyle stress, relationship to food and nutrition, movement and mindset. When these pillars are strong, we find ourselves with more energy, improved mood, better sleep, and optimized body composition.

Client Love

“Gina is simply amazing. Hands down the best trainer I’ve encountered in Portland. I have referred many patients to Gina and they not only come back with rave reviews, but the results speak for themselves. Gina’s unique model of encompassing mind, body and emotion/spirit into the training equation yields unmatchable results. If you’re ready to create change, schedule with Gina now – you won’t be disappointed.”

– Jessica B.

Ready to make sustainable changes with professional support?