Prenatal & Postpartum

Train safely before and after labor, in a baby friendly environment

Bring your belly or your baby to session and focus on pelvic floor and deep core strength and function to prepare for birth or heal from labor.

Nurse on demand in our cozy consult room, or let our coaches help bounce babe while you get your me time! For moms to be, we program workouts to help you train for your big day so you arrive to your contractions with confidence and heal quicker.

Client Love

“I was pregnant when I first started taking classes with Gina and Celeste, and I would recommend them as an important part of any pregnancy plan. I was able to stay fit and strong during pregnancy all the way up to labor, and with each class, the general pain I was experiencing was eased (so long as I kept up with my exercise plan). The techniques they taught me also helped SO MUCH when it came time to give birth. My pelvic floor was strong, I was practiced in which muscles to use, and I was able to get through the birthing process without being too fatigued. They say “strong mama, strong baby”, and it’s weirdly true! My baby boy came out so strong right from the start. After birth, I experienced some muscle loss during my weeks of recovery. More recently, they’ve been helping me gain my strength back so I can be a strong mama again! Portland Integrative Fitness was 100% worth it.”

Prepare for and recover from birth with confidence