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We have hand curated the best of the best practitioners in Portland to support you in finding the root cause of your symptoms and guiding you to live joyfully in your body.

Gina has a fierce passion for helping people learn to love being in their bodies. She is proud of her “hero’s journey”- spending her first 30 years in the dance community, active but hating herself due to the strict beauty and body standards at that time. After having her daughter in 2014 and rehabbing from childbirth, dance injuries and an abusive relationship, she found medicine in movement and her new mission- to show others the path to pain free body joy.

Gina walks her talk by constantly seeking optimal lifestyle solutions that are sustainable, in hopes of enjoying life as a human well into her 100’s. She lives with her cheetah-like daughter and dog-like cat in SE Portland, dances to anything, and is in constant pursuit of Portland’s best biscuit.

Gina Daley owner of Portland Integrative Fitness

Gina Daley

CPT, ProNatal Fitness Specialist

Danielle Battagione, certified Indra Devi yoga & meditation teacher for Portland Integrative Fitness.

Danielle Battagione


Danielle was born and raised in California, moving to Portland, Oregon in 2011. With a background in movement, holistic spa wellness, and mentorship spanning over two decades, her passion is in cultivating intrinsic motivation in others to celebrate their bodies. She is passionate about getting to the root of imbalances and re-establishing harmony. After losing her mom as a teenager to complex chronic diseases, and then her father nine years later to cancer, Danielle poured herself into studying complementary and preventative wellness modalities as part of her grieving journey. A certified Indra Devi yoga teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, and meditation instructor, she also holds certification as a prenatal, labor and delivery doula; is an Ayurvedic postpartum doula, and (former) licensed esthetician. Most recently Danielle has added NASM CPT to her list of certifications.

Danielle is an archer, an avid (amateur) equestrian, and holds a black belt in taekwondo. When she’s not at the gym you can usually find her at the barn with her horse, playing air hockey with her son, or curled up with a cup of black tea, a kitty, and her bunny watching Gilmore Girls. Danielle is delighted to be a part of the PIF team, and is ready to bring her wisdom, compassion, and patience to the community.

Kat (she/her) has been a yoga teacher and movement instructor since 2017, when her lifelong love for embodied movement won her heart and she began to lay the foundation for a career spent helping others feel at home in their bodies. Today, Kat provides one-on-one manual therapy through her practice as a Certified Rolfer®, teaches public yoga classes and workshops at Yoga Refuge in Southeast Portland, and supports clients with specialized personal training at Portland Integrative Fitness.

Kat’s approach to healing, teaching, and training lean heavily into anatomy, physiology, nervous system science, and functional movement principles. Kat employs a trauma-informed approach to her work that centers her clients’ and students’ journeys, meeting them where they are and building a path forward that cultivates great agency, adaptability, resilience, and freedom within their experience.

Kat Kocurek certified Rolfer® and teaches public yoga classes

Kat Kocurek

Certified Rolfer®, Yoga Instructor, LMT

Madison Godwin personal trainer

Madison Godwin


Madison is a dedicated and experienced personal trainer with a well-educated background in wellness coaching and athletic performance. Over the years, Madison has built a diverse career, as a softball player, coach, dancer, aerialist and dance instructor.

She graduated from PCC with an Associate of Applied Science in Exercise Science, she possesses a strong educational foundation and understanding of the human body and its mechanics. She holds certifications in mental health intervention, group fitness training, and personal training. Madison also recently earned her chiropractic assistant license. She is currently working towards completing her NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer certifications.

Her expertise lies in anatomy, physiology, sports injury prevention and management, and leveraging the mind-body connection to enhance overall well-being. Her comprehensive approach helps clients achieve their fitness goals while maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Outside of her professional endeavors, Madison is passionate about fire dancing, performing aerial silks, meditation and exploring the great outdoors hiking with her dog Loki. Her commitment to health and fitness extends beyond the gym, reflecting her high-spirited and dynamic approach to life.

Lindsey provides East-Asian medicine services and specializes in Western nutrition. As an acupuncturist and functional nutritionist, she serves as a holistic detective to help you get to the bottom of your symptoms. Listening intently and hearing your needs, we’ll work together utilizing acupuncture, nutrition, or both. Either option offers personalized care, looking at your unique patterns and symptoms and tailoring treatments to not only relieve your symptoms but also treat the root cause of those symptoms.

As a nutritionist, Lindsey is diet agnostic, focusing on creating long-lasting habits that support your health and tackle your symptoms instead of following the ever-changing diet trends. Lindsey is methodical in fully understanding your unique body and biochemistry in combination with understanding your lifestyle to meet you where you’re at in your nutrition journey and support you as you move towards your health goals.

As an avid lifetime athlete and collegiate basketball player, Lindsey is beyond excited to add fitness training to her toolkit and use the advanced methods at Portland Integrative Fitness to support all bodies in their pursuit of alleviating pain, moving well, and elevating their quality of life.

Brooke Pyper, nutritionists for Portland Integrative Fitness

Lindsey Pope

Acupuncturist and Nutritionist

Our Trusted Referrals

We are not sponsored in any way to promote these folks. They are all brilliant, empathetic beings at the top of their industry.

Dr. Katherine Walker

Dr. Katherine Walker

Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Primary Care Physician

Dr. Katherine Walker graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland OR and solidified her understanding of the continuum of health and disease through completion at the Institute for Functional Medicine Program.

Scott Baker

Scott Baker

Acupuncturist, Oriental Medicine, Functional Medicine Practitioner

Scott Baker is an integrative medicine provider who specializes in creating sustainable health with his patients through acupuncture, nutrition, and lifestyle practices. He is a licensed acupuncturist, board certified herbalist, and a trained practitioner through the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Nicole Thomas

Nicole Thomas

Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Nicole Thomas has always had a passion for helping others. She began her career as a massage therapist and quickly found her calling in functional medicine. Her credentials include a Doctorate in Chiropractic, as well as a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine. With a depth of knowledge to draw from, Dr. Thomas will guide you on your path to better health and healing.

Dr. WendyLeigh White

Dr. WendyLeigh White

Naturopath and Nutritionist

I take a “nature cure” approach to prevention and healing. I provide weight-neutral naturopathic care, non-diet intuitive nutritional counseling, and Visionary Craniosacral Work® (VCSW). I empower everyone, especially those in larger bodies, to understand the interconnected systems of your body, and its specific needs.

Kelly Shaw

Kelly Shaw


I graduated from NCNM in 2013. My practice specializes in physical medicine and body centered psychodynamic work integrating and synthesizing many different modalities to best serve my clients.  I treat all forms of pain conditions, from knee, hip, neck and low back pain, to migraines, whiplash and menstrual cramps.

Jamie Dimond

Jamie Dimond

Functional and Holistic Nutritionist

Jamie provides 1:1 virtual coaching and nutrition education for folks who want to feel their best and discover what their bodies truly need without dieting or restriction. She uses her Flourish Forever method to help build habits that lead to sustainable and realistic results. She specializes in mineral and blood sugar balancing and often utilizes HTMA testing and CGMs to assess these health foundations.

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