My Capital “W” Why: Finding Strength Through Movement

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My first job as a personal trainer was with my sweet mentor, Ian Rubin. I was lucky to study under a person with whom I shared similar philosophies in life. Both Ian and I integrated those philosophies into our work. We would chat frequently about why we did what we did, and then, on a deeper level, Why we did what we did . There is both the surface importance of the job and the underlying spiritual mission of the job.

The Suface-level Importance of Personal Training

Fitness training offers such a prism of fulfilling work. It is so important to me to help people find pain relief after years of suffering, to find peace and joy in their bodies, to find the strength to complete the activities that are important to them, and to go through their day with vitality and purpose. And yet, my personal journey to becoming a trainer, my capital W ‘Why’ comes from a deeper, more vulnerable place…

Working Things Out – Awareness and Empowerment

In 2016, I escaped from an abusive relationship with my daughter’s father. When she and I moved into my first apartment by ourselves, there was a gym right across the hall from my front door. Although I was out of the immediate danger, the PTSD and an emotional toll came with me. As I struggled to wade thru the sludge, I would jump on the elliptical machine to help process the anger and sadness.

Then I’d start pushing some dumbbells around. Next, I’d hold a couple of planks. As time went by, I started to notice the deeply transformative property of movement. Every time I would hold a plank a little longer, that endurance would translate to getting thru my day and doing what needed to be done to take care of my daughter. Every lift of the dumbbell would bring one little bit of strength back.

Noticing Strength Through Movement

This personal process fueled my decision to pursue a second career in fitness. It is so much more than being a “bro” and looking a certain way. Fitness training can be the vessel that provides deeply transformative healing, in addition to the physical therapy and aesthetic changes one seeks.

When I work with clients, it is my goal to help them feel empowered, resilient, vital and so proud of themselves and their bodies. And I’m extremely honored to be in the position to do so.

— Gina Daley, Owner & Personal Trainer